Wednesday, November 11, 2015

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Here are some things that I have been loving lately:  

*  I'm loving how well Chris is doing in school this year.  It's like he's a completely different child.  He was struggling horribly and after some testing, we found out this summer that he has ADHD.  We started some intervention to help him with that and he is doing so much better this year.  It also helps that he has a wonderful teacher this year.  Chris and Logan's school had Awards Day last week for the first 9 week period and Chris got 3 awards.  He got Terrific Kid, Perfect Attendance, and A/B Honor Roll.  Woohoo!  

*  I'm loving my new job!  In September I started a job in childcare at my church.  I absolutely love getting to take care of all of the babies and toddlers that come in. :)  

*  I'm loving that I've been losing weight.  I've lost 26 pounds since April.  I can already tell a difference in the way I look and the way my clothes fit.  I excited to keep going!  I can do this.  

*  I'm loving all of the great books I've been reading lately.  I've come across a lot of new authors lately on Facebook and I've been reading their books one by one.  It's definitely keeping me busy with something to do.  ;)  

*  I'm loving that Chris and I both have a Kindle Fire now.  I was just using the Kindle app on my phone to read e-books, but 2 months ago I won a Kindle Fire in a contest.  I was so excited.  Then a couple weeks ago at a fall festival at my dad's church, Chris won a Kindle Fire.  I'll never forget the look on his face.  He was so surprised and happy.  <3  Now Logan wants one, haha.  

What are you loving right now?  :)   


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