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Review Requests & Policy


If you are an author and have a book that you would like for me to review, please send your request with information about your book (title, blurb, if it's part of a series or a standalone, genre, etc) to jackielizn@gmail.com. 
I prefer to read contemporary, NA, and YA romance books.  I also enjoy reading romantic suspense and cozy mysteries.  I do enjoy some fantasy books. I will not read erotica, paranormal, or historical books.  I will accept ebooks (mobi/Kindle) and paperbacks/hardcovers for review.  

If you have children's books available for review, I have two children who read elementary age chapter books, middle grade books, and young adult books.  If you are interested in having one of my children read and review your book, please note that I would prefer a physical copy in that case.  

Once I receive your request, I will look it over and let you know as soon as possible if I will be accepting your book for review.  Please note that if I am too busy or do not care for the genre, your request may be rejected.  

My review of your book will be posted here on the blog, Amazon, and Goodreads.  My blog post will include the book cover, synopsis, my review, as well as purchase links and Goodreads link.  I cannot guarantee a favorable review, but I will be honest and respectful.  

I rate on the following scale:
★ I absolutely LOVED this book.  I loved the main and secondary characters and the plot.  I wasn't able to put this book down.  I was able to connect with the characters.  This may very well go down as one of my top reads of the year.  This will be one of the first books that I recommend to someone.
★ I really enjoyed this book, but didn't *love* it.  There may have been a plot hole, grammar errors, or just a couple small things in the plot that didn't sit well with me.  I would still recommend this to a friend.
★ I liked this book.  There were probably plot holes or numerous grammar errors that distracted me from the story and lowered readability.  The characters may have been hard to connect with.  There were enough good qualities about this book that I might recommend it to a friend.
★ I did not like this book.  There were numerous plot holes and the grammar errors made it very difficult to read.  Characters were not able to be redeemed and I could not connect with them.  I would not recommend this book to a friend.
★ I hated this book.  There was probably nothing that I liked about it.  It may even be a DNF.  I would not recommend this book to a friend.

There may be instances where I use half star ratings.  I will do that when I feel that a book falls between two categories.  

If you would like to do an author takeover on my Facebook page or in my blog's Facebook group, contact me by email and I will get you scheduled. 

Thank you! I'm looking forward to working with you.

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This is me!  
My name is Jackie.  I am 31 years old, live in North Carolina with my husband and two sons, and am a major bookworm.  I've always been that girl that preferred reading to going out and things like that.  My love of reading started at an early age, just like my two sons.  It thrills me that they love reading just as much as I do.  My favorite genres and what I read the most of are romance (contemporary, new adult, young adult, romantic suspense, and romantic comedy) and mystery (especially cozies!).  Every once in a while I will find something outside of those genres that I enjoy, such as the Harry Potter series and the Hunger Games trilogy.  

Other than reading and blogging, I love spending time with family and friends, photography (I take pictures of *everything*), and watching TV to catch up on some of my favorite shows (Grey's Anatomy, The Walking Dead, Once Upon a Time, General Hospital). 

I'm a very shy person, but once I get to know you I will open up.  I'm very loyal.  If I care about you, you have my whole heart.    

Here are some places where I've been featured in an interview where you can get to know a little more about me as well:  
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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Author Interviews & Guest Posts

Guest Posts
Brushes with the Paranormal by Lena Gregory

From the Page to the Screen by Lesley A Diehl
Character Guest Post by Julie Mulhern

Allie Able
Kacey Shea
RC Boldt
Molly E Lee
Leaona Luxx
Jennifer L Allen
Bethany Adams
Hannah Fielding
Ginna Moran
Jessica Titone
Reviews (sorted by author's last name) 


Able, Allie - Scattered Pieces
Able, Allie - Damaged Pieces
Able, Allie - Broken Pieces
Able, Allie - Vulnerable Pieces 
Able, Allie & Taylor, Becca - Must Fit the List
Allen, Jennifer L - Our Moon
Allen, Jennifer L - Change of Heart
Allen, Jennifer L - Right Place, Right Time
Allen, Jennifer L - Here Without You

Andrews, Faith - Keep Me
Andrews, Faith - First Came You
Andrews, Faith - Feel Again
Andrews, Faith - Freeing Destiny
Andrews, Faith - Moore to Love
Andrews, Faith - Garden of Goodbyes


Beck, Mandi - Stoned
Beck, Mandi - Twisted

Berry, BL - An Unforgivable Love Story
Blackwood, Jennifer - The Rule Maker
Boldt, RC - Wildest Dream
Boldt, RC - Hard to Handle
Boldt, RC - Remember When
Boldt, RC - Laws of Attraction
Boldt, RC - Out of Love
Boldt, RC - Out of the Ashes

Boldt, RC - Clam Jam 
Bradford, Laura - Death in Advertising
Bradford, Laura - 30 Second Death
Bradford, Laura - Eclair and Present Danger

Bryant, Alicia - The Opposition
Byron, Ellen - Plantation Shudders 


Casey, Elizabeth Lynn - Sew Deadly
Chase, Julie - Cat Got Your Cash
Cole, Tillie - A Thousand Boy Kisses


Dawn, Melanie - Sweet Sound of Silence
DeRouen, J.A - Hope Over Fear
DeRouen, J.A - Low Over High
DeRouen, J.A - Ever Over After

Evanovich, Janet - Tricky Twenty-Two


Flower, Amanda - The Final Vow
Fox, Kennedy - Checkmate: This is War

Furlong, Susan - War and Peach


Grace, Elisabeth - Built to Last
Grace, Elisabeth - Hook
Grace, Elisabeth - Burn

Hanna, H.Y - All-Butter ShortDead

Harper, Leddy - Eminent Love
Harper, Leddy - Dane
Hebert, Cambria - #Nerd
Hebert, Cambria - #Hater
Hebert, Cambria - #Player
Hebert, Cambria - #Selfie
Hebert, Cambria - #Poser
Hebert, Cambria - #Heart
Hebert, Cambria - #Holiday
Hebert, Cambria - #BAE
Hebert, Cambria - Amnesia

Hoover, Colleen - Slammed
Hoover, Colleen - This Girl 
Hoover, Colleen - Hopeless
Hoover, Colleen - Losing Hope
Hoover, Colleen - Finding Cinderella

Hoover, Colleen - November 9
Hoover, Colleen - It Ends With Us


Jones, Jenny B - Engaged in Trouble



LaManna, Gina - One Little Wish
Lee, Molly E - Edge of Chaos
Lee, Molly E - Edge of Recovery
Lee, Molly E. - Edge of Bliss
Lee, Molly E. - East of Redemption
Lee, Molly E. - Depths of Salvation
Lee, Molly E - Edge of Brotherhood

Lee, Molly E - Edge of Regret
Leeson, Gayle - Silence of the Jams
Locke, Adriana - The Exception
Locke, Adriana - The Connection
Locke, Adriana - Sacrifice

Locke, Adriana - Wherever It Leads
Locke, Adriana - Written in the Scars
Locke, Adriana - Sway 
Locke, Adriana - Swing
Locke, Adriana - Switch
Locke, Adriana - Swear
Locke, Adriana - Swink
Locke, Adriana - Battle of the Sexes


Madsen, Cindi - Taking Care of the Target
Madsen, Cindi - Operation Prom Date

Martin, Lex - Shameless
Martinez, Aly - The Fall Up
Martinez, Aly - The Spiral Down
McCarthy, Erin - Gone with the Ghost
McKinlay, Jenn - Sprinkle with Murder
McLaughlin, Staci - Marriage is Pure Murder

Moreland, Melanie - It Started With a Kiss
Murphy, Monica - Just Friends






Riley, Gia - Rock the Boat
Riley, Gia - Rock the City 
Riordan, Rick - The Lightning Thief
Riordan, Rick - The Sea of Monsters
Riordan, Rick - The Titan's Curse
Riordan, Rick - The Battle of the Labyrinth
Riordan, Rick - The Last Olympian

Rose, Stephanie - Only You
Rose, Stephanie - Finding Me
Rourke, Stacey - Rise of the Sea Witch


Schlosser, Jamie - Trucker
Schlosser, Jamie - A Trucker Christmas (novella)
Schlosser, Jamie - Dancer

Schlosser, Jamie - Dropout
Sefton, Maggie - Only Skein Deep
Shelton, Paige - Bookman Dead Style 


Tubbs, Gretchen - Buried in the Stars 




Walls, Stephie - Fallen Woman



Yarros, Rebecca - Full Measures
Yarros, Rebecca - Eyes Turned Skyward
Yarros, Rebecca - Beyond What is Given
Yarros, Rebecca - Hallowed Ground
Yarros, Rebecca - Against All Odds
Yarros, Rebecca - Ignite
Yarros, Rebecca - Wilder
Yarros, Rebecca - Nova






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