Saturday, August 8, 2015

Reviews (sorted by author's last name) 


Able, Allie - Scattered Pieces
Able, Allie - Damaged Pieces
Able, Allie - Broken Pieces
Able, Allie - Vulnerable Pieces 
Able, Allie & Taylor, Becca - Must Fit the List
Allen, Jennifer L - Our Moon
Allen, Jennifer L - Change of Heart
Allen, Jennifer L - Right Place, Right Time
Allen, Jennifer L - Here Without You

Andrews, Faith - Keep Me
Andrews, Faith - First Came You
Andrews, Faith - Feel Again
Andrews, Faith - Freeing Destiny
Andrews, Faith - Moore to Love
Andrews, Faith - Garden of Goodbyes


Beck, Mandi - Stoned
Beck, Mandi - Twisted

Berry, BL - An Unforgivable Love Story
Blackwood, Jennifer - The Rule Maker
Boldt, RC - Wildest Dream
Boldt, RC - Hard to Handle
Boldt, RC - Remember When
Boldt, RC - Laws of Attraction
Boldt, RC - Out of Love
Boldt, RC - Out of the Ashes

Boldt, RC - Clam Jam 
Bradford, Laura - Death in Advertising
Bradford, Laura - Eclair and Present Danger

Bryant, Alicia - The Opposition


Casey, Elizabeth Lynn - Sew Deadly
Chase, Julie - Cat Got Your Cash
Cole, Tillie - A Thousand Boy Kisses


Dawn, Melanie - Sweet Sound of Silence
DeRouen, J.A - Hope Over Fear
DeRouen, J.A - Low Over High
DeRouen, J.A - Ever Over After

Evanovich, Janet - Tricky Twenty-Two


Flower, Amanda - The Final Vow
Furlong, Susan - War and Peach


Grace, Elisabeth - Built to Last
Grace, Elisabeth - Hook
Grace, Elisabeth - Burn

Hanna, H.Y - All-Butter ShortDead

Harper, Leddy - Eminent Love
Harper, Leddy - Dane
Hebert, Cambria - #Nerd
Hebert, Cambria - #Hater
Hebert, Cambria - #Player
Hebert, Cambria - #Selfie
Hebert, Cambria - #Poser
Hoover, Colleen - Slammed

Hoover, Colleen - This Girl 
Hoover, Colleen - Hopeless

Hoover, Colleen - November 9
Hoover, Colleen - It Ends With Us





LaManna, Gina - One Little Wish
Lee, Molly E - Edge of Chaos
Lee, Molly E - Edge of Recovery
Lee, Molly E. - Edge of Bliss
Lee, Molly E. - East of Redemption
Lee, Molly E. - Depths of Salvation
Lee, Molly E - Edge of Brotherhood

Lee, Molly E - Edge of Regret
Leeson, Gayle - Silence of the Jams
Locke, Adriana - The Exception
Locke, Adriana - The Connection
Locke, Adriana - Wherever It Leads
Locke, Adriana - Written in the Scars
Locke, Adriana - Sway 
Locke, Adriana - Swing
Locke, Adriana - Switch
Locke, Adriana - Swear
Locke, Adriana - Battle of the Sexes


Madsen, Cindi - Taking Care of the Target
Madsen, Cindi - Operation Prom Date

Martin, Lex - Shameless
Martinez, Aly - The Fall Up
Martinez, Aly - The Spiral Down
McCarthy, Erin - Gone with the Ghost
McKinlay, Jenn - Sprinkle with Murder
McLaughlin, Staci - Marriage is Pure Murder

Moreland, Melanie - It Started With a Kiss
Murphy, Monica - Just Friends






Riley, Gia - Rock the Boat
Riley, Gia - Rock the City 
Riordan, Rick - The Lightning Thief
Riordan, Rick - The Sea of Monsters
Riordan, Rick - The Titan's Curse

Rose, Stephanie - Only You
Rose, Stephanie - Finding Me 


Schlosser, Jamie - Trucker
Schlosser, Jamie - A Trucker Christmas (novella)
Schlosser, Jamie - Dancer

Schlosser, Jamie - Dropout
Sefton, Maggie - Only Skein Deep
Shelton, Paige - Bookman Dead Style 


Tubbs, Gretchen - Buried in the Stars 




Walls, Stephie - Fallen Woman



Yarros, Rebecca - Full Measures
Yarros, Rebecca - Eyes Turned Skyward
Yarros, Rebecca - Beyond What is Given
Yarros, Rebecca - Hallowed Ground
Yarros, Rebecca - Against All Odds
Yarros, Rebecca - Ignite
Yarros, Rebecca - Wilder
Yarros, Rebecca - Nova


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