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*Release Blitz + Review* Remember When by RC Boldt


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Title: Remember When
Series: Teach Me
Author: RC Boldt
Release Date: 10 th May
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Remember When is the third book in the Teach Me series, but can be enjoyed as a full-length, standalone romance.
The third installment of RC Boldt’s Teach Me series returns with two people who once had it all…
Over a decade ago, fourth grade teacher Tate Donnelly was attending college with the love of her life by her side. She had been certain, even then, that it was the forever kind of love. But she was proven wrong when he left her all alone to pick up the pieces of her life—and heart—when her entire world imploded.
Former Navy SEAL Miller Vaughn once had the love of a girl he thought would be his, and be by his side forever. Unfortunately, that only lasted until after he joined the Navy. Then she vanished, never to be heard from again. Throwing himself into his training, he vowed to become the best, toughest SEAL he could be, and never let a girl get the best of him again.
Years later, a man who resembles a boy she once knew reappears in her life. A boy she had loved with her whole being. A boy who had eviscerated her heart.
Though much time has passed, Tate and Miller still feel that same “pull” they did years ago. When truths about the past are revealed, will they both be able to move on from their painful past … or are they destined for heartbreak again?
Can they remember when their love was the most important thing in their world?



What in the everloving fuck was he doing?
Oh, nothing much. Just driving around Fernandina Beach late at night, doing a pass by Tate’s place, every so often, to see if she were home yet.
And every single pass of her house that her car wasn’t yet there, the tightness in his chest increased. Because he knew what was keeping her. Or, more specifically, whom. Pearce Fucking Hadley. The former PJ and bonafide badass with a titanium leg. The guy who had been by Tate’s side the entire evening.
The guy had gotten way too fucking close to her as Miller had pulled out of the parking lot. A sick part of him had wanted to linger, to wait and see what would happen when the guy went in for the kiss. When, not if.
Because Miller could see the writing on the wall. And it screamed “Pearce is going to kiss Tate tonight.”
Fuuuuck. He couldn’t take this shit. He should just call it a night and stop torturing himself over what might be happening in that parking lot between the two of them. Was he kissing her, fingers threading through her silky blonde hair? Did he back her up, push her against her car, needing to feel her body against his own? Was she sliding her own hands over him?
Hitting the steering wheel in frustration, Miller decided on making one final pass before going home. Turning the Jeep onto her street, he couldn’t deny the whoosh of breath that was released as he saw the familiar vehicle parked beneath the stilts of her tiny beach house. Pulling into her driveway, he parked, turning off the ignition.
Before he gave further thought to his actions, he quickly exited the Jeep.
Pressing his key fob to lock the vehicle, he ambled up the stairs to her door. Giving two swift knocks, he waited. And waited. And waited some more. He knocked more firmly, louder, again. Still nothing.
What the hell? Was she okay? Had she brought Pearce back to her place? Maybe she had driven them back here together? Running his hands over his hair, he muttered to himself, “You’re fucking pathetic, Vaughn.”
On his last word, the door opened. That was the moment Miller felt as though he’d been kicked in the solar plexus, unable to find his breath.
Because standing before him was Tate Donnelly, hair wet, face scrubbed clean, dressed in a pair of loose shorts and a tank top. A tank top which was displaying nipples that were pressing against it, reacting to the night breeze.
“Did I catch you talking to yourself, Vaughn?” Eyebrow raised, she looked at him curiously.
Wrenching his eyes away from the tantalizing view of her breasts, he saw her brows furrow suddenly.
“Wait a minute. What are you doing here so late?” A look of concern crossed her face. “Is everyone okay?”
Inhaling a calming breath, he answered, “Everyone is fine. I just …” his brain scrambled to come up with an answer, “I just wanted to check and make sure you’d made it home all right.”
Hey, that actually sounded pretty legit. Not bad, Vaughn.
“Really?” Tate seemed doubtful. Uh, yeah. He probably should’ve upped his excuse game since this woman standing before him had once known him inside and out.
“Can I come in?”
She stared at him for a moment before glancing away with a sigh. “It’s late, Miller.”
He regarded her suspiciously. “Do you have someone here?” 
Her head drew back, the crease between her brows becoming pronounced and his thumb itched to smooth it out. “How is that any business of yours?”
Miller couldn’t identify what made him do it, but the next instant, he was crowding Tate, his body pressing against hers as he walked them insideher home, kicking the door shut behind him.
“Because I need to know.” His hands gripped her hips, fingers flexing at the feel of her, and he pressed his body to hers, her back against the wall. “I need to know if Pearce kissed you.” Miller’s lips found the side of her neck, pressing a light kiss against it before the tip of his tongue darted out to taste her. The sound of her gasp made his cock twitch.
“Yes.” Her breathless answer made his spine stiffen.
That fucker had kissed her?
“Did you like it, Tate?” He murmured against her earlobe, running his teeth over it before gently sucking on it. Hearing her elicit the tiniest moan encouraged him. One hand slid up from her hip, grazing her side to cup one breast, thumb brushing over her already hardened nipple.
“Did you like it, Tate?” he repeated. “Did you get turned on?” Pressing his hardness against her, he felt her body instinctively arch against him.
His other hand grazed across the center of her shorts, between her thighs, feeling her heat and a touch of dampness.
“Did you get wet like this? For him?” Pressing a trail of kisses along the column of her throat, he slid a long finger beneath the hem of the leg of her shorts. Grazing over her clit in the slightest caress, he slid a finger deep inside of her.
Holy shit, she’s so wet. And so tight around his finger. He could only imagine how she would feel if he were to slide—
“Stop.” Tate’s palms pressed against his chest, pushing at him. “We can’t.”
A part of him swelled with pride at the breathless quality of her voice, arousal still lingering. Leaning away from her after sliding his finger from inside of her, he took in the sight of her chest which was slightly heaving, nipples pressing against the fabric of her top. Her eyes were slowly losing the glazed look of lust.
“We can’t do this, Miller.”
He cocked an eyebrow. “We just did. And it seemed to happen easily.”
Tate looked away briefly before returning to meet his gaze. Her lips—lips he was currently kicking himself in the ass for not kissing—rolled in as she chose her words.
Letting out a sigh, her eyes implored him. “It can’t happen between us ever again.” Her face took on a touch of anguish when she continued.
“We’re different people now. And we have too much of a … past.” The last word came out in barely a whisper before she swallowed thickly.

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5 stars out of 5
I loved finally getting to read Miller and Tate's story and finding out why they were so bitter and angry towards each other, as well as catching up with the other characters from this series.  I've learned that it's pretty hard to get me to cry during a book, and this one had me in tears several times.  It broke my heart reading the letters these two wrote to each other during their time apart and learning about what tore them apart.  Even after many years apart though, their love for each other never went away.  I was rooting for Miller and Tate to make their way back to each other again.  The support from their friends just warms my heart.  RC Boldt has created an amazing group of friends with these characters.  Second chance romances are one of my favorite kinds of books to read and this one has definitely made it's way to the top of my list.  


¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.About the Author¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.

RC Boldt is the wife of Mr. Boldt, a retired Navy Chief, mother of Little Miss Boldt, and former teacher of many students. She currently lives on the southeastern coast of North Carolina, enjoys long walks on the beach, running, reading, people watching, and singing karaoke. If you're in the mood for some killer homemade mojitos, can't recall the lyrics to a particular 80's song, or just need to hang around a nonconformist who will do almost anything for a laugh, she's your girl.
Website: http://www.rcboldtbooks.com/
Email: rcboldtbooks@gmail.com

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