Saturday, August 6, 2016

Saturday Sales

This is something new I'm starting on the blog.  Every Saturday, I will put up a new blog post with books that are on sale.  All information is provided to me by the author.

If you are an author and would like to have your sales featured in a blog post, send me an email at with the information.

Antecedent by Susan Stumpf
Sale ends on Aug 9th 
Author's FB page: 
 Antecedent Amazon link:

#Brawl, an emotionally charged #MMA standalone is now #live.
#99cents or #FREE in #KindleUnlimited

His heart died three years ago; it's now black and barely beating.
Hers is broken, mangled and trampled along with her trust and respect for men.
Their mutual hatred for the world draws them together while their matching pig-headedness keeps them apart.
Is happily-ever-after even on the cards when they both refuse to believe it's possible?

#KylieHillman #‎MayDecemberRomance #amazon


Gabriella Mitchell is a fighter.
She fights to keep her family together after her parent’s divorce.
She fights to keep her siblings safe and in school.
She fights because it's the only thing keeping her sane.

Stumbling across an underground MMA fight ring in Sydney, her blood roars as she watches the ruthless Hayden “Hooligan” Harvie wipe the floor of the octagon with his latest opponent.
Gabriella decides she wants to fight professionally; to support her siblings with her fists, and she wants Hooligan to teach her.
Hooligan doesn't think girls should fight. Especially young, pretty ones he'd love to have warming his bed for a night or two...if only he could silence his conscience long enough.
Every couple needs to fight for their love at some stage; however, with two stubborn hearts at stake, a happy ending for these two will require an all-out BRAWL.

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SEIZING CONTROL, Black Shamrocks MC #1

Maddi O'Brien is a survivor. Mik "Mad Dog" Kennedy is her salvation. When her ugly past rears its head, can their love withstand his relentless campaign?



99c until the end of the month
Snap and Taint by Tara Dawn
Snap & Taint (The SNAP Trilogy)

99c until the end of the month
Sojourn by Tara Dawn

99c this week
Collecting Scars by Tee Smith


  1. I love this idea. I am always looking for a good new Kindle Unlimited book, but I've been struggling lately. Some other lost cost options are a very welcome suggestion.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing with your followers <3


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