Friday, June 30, 2017

*Best of the Bunch* June 2017

This was another great reading month for me!  I read 10 books this month and they were all pretty amazing, but one sticks out in my mind above the rest. Out of everything that I read this month, my favorite goes to Edge of Regret by Molly E Lee.

From Goodreads:
Leading man on the new E.D.G.E. series reality show? Check.

Stunt-double for the star in the latest, multi-million-dollar funded military movie? Check.

Work with a sexy female military expert? Holy hell, check.

When I signed on to do stunts for Hollywood’s eagerly awaited war-thriller, I thought it would be like every other gig—go in, try not to get killed, and leave with a fat check and an adrenaline rush. This time? Not so much.

Mackenzie Patterson is the on-set expert. She knows topographical layouts, government lingo, speaks four languages, and is one of the best explosive disposal leaders the Air Force has ever seen, so she’s more than qualified.

She’s also the woman who turned my teenage heart to ash.

I can’t ignore the darkness that has appeared in her eyes, or the urge I have to take it away.

Quitting isn’t an option, but the more I see her, the more I want to make her mine. And that can never happen because our past is twisted with heartbreak, hate, and regret.

Every second I spend with her is a battle between holding on to the anger in my heart—and giving in to the love that never left.

My Review:
5 out of 5 stars

I fell in love with the funny and sexy stuntman Wade when we met him in Edge of Brotherhood. His humor and charm just draw you in and it's impossible not to fall for him, so I was so excited that he would be getting his own story.

My heart broke for Wade as he struggled with the pain and guilt from the loss he suffered years earlier. My heart also broke for Mackenzie as she wrestled with her own pain and guilt as well as severe PTSD. I found myself trying to will Mackenzie to let Wade in so that he could help her. Wade was just absolute perfection. He knew exactly what Mackenzie needed and did everything in his power to help her.

This book made me cry, laugh (I'll never get enough of Wade's jokes), and swoon. Each of the books in the EDGE series is such a different experience from the last one, and this one followed right along with that. I love that you never know what to expect with Molly's books. Although one thing is certain with this'll be taken on the adventure of a lifetime.

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