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*Spotlight* Our Moon by Jennifer L. Allen

Ally Monroe can’t remember her name, let alone the last eighteen years of her life. A car
accident erased everything, leaving her in a year-long coma, a severe case of amnesia and the
reality that her parents didn’t survive. Released from her long-term care facility to her twin
brother, Alex, and her older brother, Trevor, Ally tries to piece together what she can.

While trying to live her life again, Chase Baker stirs feelings within her, making him hard to
resist. Guitarist for her brothers’ band, JACT, Chase ignites a fire she’s not sure she can contain.
With mysteries of her past looming in the back of her mind, threatening to destroy anything she
tries to build with him, Ally needs to decide to unravel the past or live for the future.

Do Ally and Chase have a chance? Or are there secrets in Ally’s past that may ruin any hope for

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Excerpt #1: 
“Stop staring at me like that, you creeper!” she laughs, throwing a grape at me. It bounces off my nose and falls to the blanket between us.
“Hey now, don’t you waste the fruits of my labor,” I tease. I pick up the grape and pop it in
my mouth, grinning at her. “And I thought you like it when I look at you.”
“I do, but it was like you were participating in a one-sided staring contest.”
“It’s because you’re so beautiful I can’t get enough of you,” I tell her.
She sighs dreamily and her eyes cloud over. ‘Swoon,’ I believe is the term. “You’re such a
romantic.” She leans forward and gives me a quick peck on the lips, but I surprise her by pulling
her down onto me and deepening the kiss. I hold back my groan as she moans in response. She
pulls back just enough to look in my eyes and say, “I can’t get enough of you either.”
We alternate between making out, snacking on the remaining fruit I brought for dessert, and
talking while looking up at the stars and the moon.
“Every time I look at the moon, I think of you,” she says.
I roll my head to look at her lying beside me. “I think of you, too.”

Excerpt #2: 
That’s the band,” he points to the picture of him and Trevor with the two guys.
“Chase and Joey,” I say, remembering their names from Alex and Trevor’s ridiculous and
hilarious stories. They must be some group when they are all together.
“Yep,” Alex smiles. “That one’s Joey,” he points to the shortest of the four, the one with the
beard. “And that’s Chase,” he points at the blue-eyed blond, between Trevor and Alex in height.
Both are attractive, but Chase… Chase is gorgeous. Those eyes. I half expect to see the sun
shining in them; they are the perfect color of sky.
“Will I meet them?” I hope I will meet him.
“Heck, yeah,” Alex grins and nods.
“In due time,” Trevor says from the doorway. I spin quickly to look at him, I didn’t realize he
was standing there. He had brought up the last of my bags from the car and they were sitting by
his feet in the doorway. “We don’t want to overwhelm you, and, well, they can be
“Joey can be overwhelming,” Alex corrects. “Chase doesn’t do anything.”
“He doesn’t do anything?” I question, beginning to feel like a parrot.
“Chase is the strong, silent type,” Trevor says. “Joey has the energy of a toddler. Bet you can
guess who was friends with who first?” I laugh, the descriptions of Joey and Chase are just as
I’ve described Alex and Trevor in my head.
“You’ll probably see Chase around here sooner rather than later, though,” Trevor informs
me. “He lives in the apartment over the garage.”
I nod; I won’t exactly mind seeing him around. At least, I don’t think I would mind. Can’t tell them that though.

Author Bio:
Jennifer lives in South Carolina with her husband and their three fur-kids. She is in grad school,
pursuing a Masters in Psychology for Clinical Counseling. When she is not at work or taking
classes, she is either reading or writing. Books have always been a passion. She also enjoys
spending time with her family, traveling to new places, and music. She released her debut novel, Our Moon, in June 2015.

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