Thursday, May 4, 2017

*Discussion* What's Your Reading Style?

What is your reading style like?  Do you have a schedule that you go by?  Are you a mood reader?  Or are you a little of both, an organizer and a mood reader?  

I'm a little bit of a mixture of both.  

I definitely have a schedule that I go by.  The majority of the books that I read are ARCs that have a specific date that the review is due.  I have a planner just for my blog where I keep track of all of my ARC books and the dates that the reviews are due.  I read through all of my ARCs first in the order that they are due.  If I get through all of the ARCs due for that month, I'll take a break before I start on the next month's ARCs. 

Once I get to that point, I'll choose some books to read just for myself (which I still review, of course).  This is where my mood comes in to play at times.  I'll scroll through my kindle and add books to my "Recent" screen that I'm interesting in reading.  Once I get that screen filled with books, I'll look through them and choose one to read.  If I've read a lot of romance lately, I'll more than likely pick a mystery to read.  Or, vise versa.  

So, feel free to leave me a comment and tell me about your reading style.  I'm interesting in seeing what other people do.

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