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Weekly Wrap-Up 5-7-17

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My youngest son has a penpal whose mother just published her first book about a month or so ago.  She sent me a signed copy of her book.  :) 

I signed up for a gift exchange in a book group that I'm in on Facebook.  This is what my partner sent me.  :)  She even included an adult coloring book featuring tons of authors and bloggers, along with some colored pencils.  

Chris brought this picture home from school on Monday.  Close to the end of each school year, all of the classes at his school decorate their classroom door in a book theme to celebrate books.  Chris' class chose to decorate their door in a Harry Potter theme and his teacher took these photos to put up along the door frame.  I thought that was so neat and creative!  I absolutely love how it turned out.  Chris loves the Harry Potter books so he thought that was pretty neat, too.  His teacher told him not to smile, so he made the perfect "mugshot" face!  Ha!  

Chris will be starting middle school in the fall.  On Thursday we went to the middle school for the open house they were having that night.  We got to meet all of the 6th grade teachers and we watched a presentation about their rules, policies, and different classes and clubs that are offered for 6th graders.  While we were there, the band and orchestra was holding sign ups for next school year, and Chris signed up for the band.  He's so excited about it and has decided he wants to play the drums.  

Chris will be having his 5th grade graduation in a few weeks and I'm fairly certain I'm going to be a blubbering mess.  I can't believe it's this time already.  Before I know it he'll be off to college!  :(  

I was supposed to be starting classes in the fall but my financial aid has somehow ended up in some kind of cyber black hole limbo.  FAFSA is saying there's nothing they can do on their end and the college is swearing up and down they don't have any financial aid on file for me.  It's so frustrating!  I'm stuck and not really sure what else I can do.  Hopefully it'll all get straightened out soon because sign ups are already happening for the summer and fall semesters.  

I think we have probably all done this at least once, right?  I can't be the only one who has a fierce determination to finish the book before I go to bed.  ;)  Sometimes I win.  Sometimes sleep wins. 

Will you do me a HUGE favor and vote on this poll for me?  I'm participating in the My To-Be-Read List meme where you get to choose my next read!  I'd love to have some more votes.  Right now there is a tie between two books.  I'll be announcing which book won next week.

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